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The Fragments

The Show at ECU - 2021

Artist Statement

The Fragments” is a collection book of illustrations drawn and written by myself. Each illustration is accompanied by a concise text that tells an independent story. I used freewriting, essays, and research to organize the concepts; and then converted the text into pictures and vice versa.


This project has 11 pieces of content and was inspired by my conscious and unconscious reflections on life at my home quarantining during COVID-19. The main idea was derived from the small observations, different kinds of emotions, and life-positive and negative daydreams in my life. 


I intend to show that artistic creation is not just a technique; it can be a type of mindset practice, psychological and emotional therapy. It can express abstract thinking through visual development and connect with society. Whether creating it or viewing others' creation; It can help explore people's emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, and improve social skills. By recording your inner reflections and observations, you can look at life from a different perspective and discover new aspects of yourself. Hopefully, something in this book will resonate with your understanding and have a connection with your mind or soul.

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